Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Circular Google: Useless Top Search Results

Circular Google: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=401339

I google a lot.  Google is my public library.  If I have a question, I google for the answer.  I also happen to think that I am in the majority.  (Note: In the rant that follows, I am not blaming Google.  Google is great!)

Sometimes, not too rarely, the number one Google hit contains a forum question similar or identical to mine followed by an rude and unhelpful jerk responding, "Google it!"  This annoys me so much.  The reason why this annoys me so much is because the forum response will not only be seen by the person posing the question but also by others with the same question.  Eventually, this forum thread might become the number one search result, an useless top search result.

Thus, please if you are going to bother responding to someone on a forum, don't respond "Google it!"  I did!!!  Check out the Circular Google image above to see a perfect example of a useless top search result.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Installing Ubuntu 10.4 on HP Pavilion tx2000

Ubuntu 10.4 on HP Pavilion tx2000: Monitor 1
Ubuntu 10.4 on HP Pavilion tx2000: Monitor2
In a previous post, I described how easy it was to install Windows 7 on my HP Pavilion tx2000.  It worked almost perfectly out of the box.

Though, I am beginning to like Windows again thanks to Windows 7, I installed Ubuntu because I do Linux programming.

Wireless, tablet screen, and multiple monitors worked without having to hack anything.  Ubuntu supports them.

Things that don't work:
  • HP Quick Launch Buttons around the screen border
    • DVD, QuickPlay, Settings, and Rotation
  • Mute button doesn't turn red when muted but the volume buttons do work.
As you have read, the list of things that didn't work using the standard Ubuntu 10.4 desktop installation were very few.  They are also identical to things to didn't work after installing Windows 7.  HP drivers are needed.  I don't think that I will bother for now.

I must also say that the start up and shutdown times are amazing! The picture above demonstrates my Ubuntu desktop.  I, of course, applied a dark theme to the controls and the window borders.  It looks and feels great.  I hope that this helps somebody trying do the same thing or something similar.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Soundness and Completeness


Here is a loose definition of soundness and completeness.

An argument is sound if everything that can be derived from it is true; no false positives.
An argument is complete if everything that is true can be derived from it; no false negatives.

Referring to Universe figure above,
  • A is sound.
  • B is sound and complete.
  • C is complete.
  • D is neither.
 B is the kind of argument, reasoning, and systems you want to be dealing with.